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Thank you for your interest. I am Johanna Botzkowski, `FLAME AGENCY and HEART CORE MANAGER`. Born in Germany and alive for many years in the cultural metropolis Berlin plus now in Cape Town.

While my mind went into sustainable tourism management studies (Master of Arts), my soul and body expanded into the competency fields of the creative performing arts, dance and movement therapy as well as massage, body therapy and integrative life & health coaching and training. Thats when my life journey only really started.

My personality and passion are multisided. And so is my field of competency and profession. Friends say I am going the path of the heart, like a peaceful warrior.

Indeed, my passions are to share the wonderful spark of life, motivate, inspire, shine, treat, connect and support people, make them move and radiate in various ways. Everything I achieved, I created through my inner voice and guidance power. 100% selfmade :).

So I spread my skills through the fields of creative projects, holistic health and wellness, therapy and life support. I love directing my studied business knowledge like management and marketing into my essential fields of work and purpose.

I am a creative, spiritual entrepreneur with all my heart, following my inner voice and this is the way how I am creating my profession.

I have been living and working in various teams on different sides of the earth, including Asia, South Africa, Southern Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I love intercultural, healthy, sportive, integrative, social intelligent, fair, efficient and inspiring work and living. Nature`s power as well as authentic and alive beings are my life recharging battery. That desire brought me to my second home base Cape Town. It is the most alive and heart-filled place I so far experienced.

Thank you for your trust and for joining our journey.


.. Join the Journey!


Are you ready? To explore the galactic worlds of your life? For your inner and outer life development?


Balanced enough?


Want some strength?


Let`s go!

Create what you need to arrive in your individual precious life.

You can be everything you want. Let me support you!


How I can help YOU?

My competency comes from the fact, that I am sharing my longterm applied knowledge with you, offering you a format for transformation, recreation or treatment, by combining all my various qualifications of holistic techniques and methods, reading and research, passion and daily practice into my own life.

I am supporting your progress with techniques ranging from bodywork and treatment, dance and movement therapy, creative life and health coaching, powerful body-mind techniques and inspiring project management.


The difference my clients see..

`Wow, how comes I can move my arm with you again? My physiotherapist didn`t manage to help.`

`Wow, you do it with so much love, passion and care for the people. Everybody should spend their money for a real session like this instead of running to state paid treatments with little effects.`

`I love your words: You give up lots, to find more. You go travel to let yourself find. Through you, I am able to see and allow more happiness into my life.`

`Thanks for being so talented and intuitive. Your truth shines through and inspires me to achieve more.`

`Your sessions enabled me to let go and live my life from a healthy perspective. Thanks for all that powerful holistic knowledge you empowered me with.`


I say: Thank you. Because it needs that acknowledgement to keep going and grow for our common needs. And I say it is not magic to receive healing by giving a human holistic and appropriate attention, it is much more a clear decision. And so I decided to bring real attention for our holistic human and social beings to the market.

So if you want to try these effects just contact me. Money is never the barrier. I am looking forward to get in touch. Because Your Body Knows.


For WHO?

                           .. For YOU

in life periods of transition

in descision process

in the need and desire of change, in pain and crisis

wishing for more aliveliness, feelings and creativity

desiring to live your real purpose

as a holiday maker, wellness lover and retreat-ler

asking for more


                            .. For GROUPS

in social, business and health organisations like ngo`s, schools, fair cooperates

on events in the fields of health, sports, creativity and recreation


                             .. FOR ALL who feel a need to meet me, even if you don`t know why yet


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