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1. Receive your Massage Training Course

There we go- YOUR NEW MASSAGE TRAINING COURSE ! I`m excited. And I hope so are you..

YOUR PERSONAL MASSAGE TRAINING COURSE IS READY, WAITING FOR YOU TO BE ENJOYED! I was wondering how to answer all the requests of different people for a proper training course in Massage. When I thought about producing an online course I got bored about the idea of talking people through topics on a simple tiring background.

So I decided to have fun myself producing this course, only offering you hotspots, beautyful nature places for the scenery`s​ background and sharing all my individual spirit and passion as well as my broad knowledge with you. See here yourself, that`s the result, FRESHLY PRODUCED IN CAPE TOWN´S NATURE.

You already know about it? Buy directly HERE (click). Or enjoy the free introduction:

You get inspired? The intro makes you wanting to enjoy learning more?

There you go, RECEIVE HERE (click) the complete course for a totally fair price of 60€ or R600, including more than 20 sessions of learning material – check why my course and what you get:

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2. Explore my passion by checking my natural outdoor shoots and shootings on Instagram: Your-Body-Knows/ johanna.botzkowski


3. Empower yourself through my Podcasts, which enable you to participate in a -my- life, which seeks to explore, adventure, be alive and move in alignment with its soul purpose. A life which courageously takes risks, always prepared to fail or let go in order to achieve more, grow into its real authentic success, health and soul happiness. Join the journey! I love to empower you. That`s the base of my contribution into the world:

How horses and dolphins speak into my life:

Understanding how to journey into soul purpose: