Thank you for your interest. I am Johanna Botzkowski, born in Germany and alive for many years in the cultural metropolis Berlin plus now in Cape Town.

While my mind went into sustainable tourism management studies (Master of Arts), my soul and body expanded into the competency fields of the creative performing arts, dance and movement therapy as well as massage, body therapy and integrative life & health coaching and training. Thats when my life journey only really started.

My personality and passion are multisided. And so is my field of competency and profession. Friends say I am going the path of the heart, like a peaceful warrior.

Indeed, my passions are to share the wonderful spark of life, motivate, inspire, shine, treat, connect and support people, make them move and radiate in various ways. Everything I achieved, I created through my inner voice and guidance power. 100% selfmade :).

So I spread my skills through the fields of creative projects, holistic health and wellness, therapy and life support. I love directing my studied business knowledge like management and marketing into my essential fields of work and purpose.

I am a creative, spiritual entrepreneur with all my heart, following my inner voice and this is the way how I am creating my profession.

I have been living and working in various teams on different sides of the earth, including Asia, South Africa, Southern Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I love intercultural, healthy, sportive, integrative, social intelligent, fair, efficient and inspiring work and living. Nature`s power as well as authentic and alive beings are my life recharging battery. That desire brought me to my second home base Cape Town. It is the most alive and heart-filled place I so far experienced.

Thank you for your trust and for joining our journey.