How I can help YOU?


My competency

comes from the fact, that I am applying and sharing my longterm knowledge with you, basing on diverse qualifications in the field of holistic health and prevention. I am offering you a format for transformation, personal growth, recreation or treatment, by combining all my various qualifications of holistic techniques and methods, reading and research, passion and daily practice into my own life.


from a business background (Sustainable Tourism Management) I am now fully living and creating my entrepreneurship in the fields of my personal purpose and additionally chosen profession: Coaching, Training, Therapy.

I`m equipped

to support your progress with techniques ranging from creative life and health coaching, bodywork and treatment, personal training, dance and movement therapy, powerful body-mind techniques, business knowledge and inspiring project management.

You can choose travels and retreats, individual or group sessions or workshops and teachings.


The difference my clients see..

`Wow, how comes I can move my arm with you again? My physiotherapist didn`t manage to help.`

`Wow, you do it with so much love, passion and care for the people. Everybody should spend their money for a real session like this instead of running to state paid offers with little effects.`

`I love your words: You give up lots, to find more. You go travel to let yourself find. Through you, I am able to see and allow more happiness into my life.`

`Thanks for being so talented and intuitive. Your truth shines through and inspires me to achieve more.`

`Your sessions enabled me to let go and live my life from a healthy perspective. Thanks for all that powerful holistic knowledge you empowered me with.`


I say: Thank you.

Because it needs that acknowledgement to keep going and grow for our common needs. And I say it is not magic to receive healing by giving a human holistic and appropriate attention, it is much more a clear intention. And so I decided to bring real intended attention for our holistic human and social beings to the market.

So if you want to try these effects just contact me. Money is never the barrier. I am looking forward to get in touch. Because Your Body Knows.