Thank-s god, I`m back in Cape Town!)

Also find here my CURRENT OFFERS, which are on menu for you over this beautyful late summer season 2020. I`m looking forward to meet, train and treat you so well!



  Workshops, Teachings, Seminars

Holistic Life & Health Coaching- Body and Mind

Dancing Workout & Personal Training

                                                        Body & Massage Therapy

Event Management & Creative Project Facilitation


♦ Workshops, Teachings, Seminars

All my knowledge and competencies which I offer on this homepage I also teach in workshops, seminars, projects or retreats. I also love to share my knowledge in talks and presenations. Please have a closer look to find your suiting format.

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♦ Holistic Life & Health Coaching – Body and Mind Success and Happiness

You want to feel home in your body, live the fullest and achieve what you deserve? You are right, what else is more joyful and safe? Now it`s time for you! 

Step into yourself, your life and your dreams. Get very close to oyur partner. Experiencing, sensing, knowing, processing, releasing, changing beliefs and healing. Empower yourself.

Getting aware – realize your values – setting your targets – making your decisions – taking action and self responsibility: In return you receive joy and internal + external development as your all-embracing ground for your liberated life.

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♦ Body & Massage Therapy

Your state paid physiotherapy isn`t enough or can`t help? Or you just need some good, deep massage and someone who really cares for your issues. That`s where customers see my potential. Receive a treatment, which allows the appropriate time, therapy and knowledge to address your individual topic or problem. I come from a wide spectrum of massage treatments and body therapies which I combine for your individual need. And I will also provide you with self responsibility by giving you knowledge and little practices to heal and treat yourself. Choose my Mobile Massages or my Massages in a Studio.

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♦ Personal Training & Dancing Workout

Join this dancing workout with me to boost your life- with strength, movement knowledge, coordination, life energy, shaping your figure and of course with fun and joy. I offer a dynamic dancing training combining modern techniques, ranging from eastern body health knowledge to interval and strong body applies. You can also go on a discovering journey through my personal training and explore your world to find out and manifest some healthy unknown – Because you are worth it!

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♦ Event Management & Creative Project Facilitation

 Step by step, from A to Z

You need help with planning, organising and implementing your retreat, holiday, event or project? Let me support you, I adore and I have competent experience in structuring, conceptualizing, calculating, networking, time management, organising and powerfully pushing plans into the right direction and action – I`ve got lots of energy.

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  • Terms and conditions: A cancellation, which is under 24 hours within the arranged appointment or session with me, unfortunately has to be paid in full price. Many thanks for your understanding.