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Thank-s god, I´m back in Cape Town 🙂

Find here my OFFERS, which are on menu for you over this beautyful late summer season 2020 in Cape Town.

(The dates on the flyers aren`t valid, my offers ARE all currently UP AND RUNNING or WILL be HAPPENING SOON again, please just request via whatsapp +49/160/2420314 or calls 079 2496955)

I`m looking forward to meet, train and treat you so well!

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Personalized Active Morning Ritual/ Training Routine:

Body-Mind Connection, Powerful Workout inside & outside, Strength & Shape, Stretching, Holistic Health + Individual Support – Contact me to start your routine now!



For your Body & Mind Success and Happiness,

Support for times of crisis, periods of change or decision process

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For your wellbeing, stress release, pain removal

In my studio or home visits. Mobile for Hotels, Events and Retreats.

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Fun, Strong and super healthy!

Please whatsapp me for actual time and place.

Combines Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga and Functional Training

Come join us with this sporty morning kick into your day! Let`s move, sweat and ´pray` -together!

What?      `Deep Work Training` is an amazing dynamic power and rebalancing   combination workout, which holistically balances your whole system while it gets you in shape, strongly worked out and into physio therapy effects, all at the same time.

Using elements from martial arts, power breath, yoga and dance. it`s according to the chinese five elements. Google it to get excited: Deep Work after Robert Steinbacher

Where?      In the studio village gate house, beach crescent, hout bay (above FNB Bank). Please register with me on whatsapp before!

And?      No pre-experience needed. All early birds welcome! Bring your water bottle.

I`m Johanna (German) and a certified `Deep Work` and Zumba trainer. Living in Hout Bay + wanting to share with you the bliss of this great and fun dynamic workout. I am doing sports every morning. Let me share my morning power & passion with you!

Contact me & join the working out fun today! You will love it as all newbees do..


EMPOWERMENT ON THE MOUNTAIN – Transformational Hikes in Cape´s beautyful nature- For groups and individuals 

Let nature teach and inspire you –  Connect back to yourself and grow..

.. Grow while you walk. Breath while you explore.

I guide you through powerful and creative coaching tools for your body, mind & soul while we are hiking, exploring and resting in nature.

You will be blown away by these beautyful and empowering coaching hikes, which I faciliate around Cape Town´s mountains, coastal walks and forests. We transform into a new state of awareness through holistic powerful and creative coaching tools. You might explore yoga, mindfulness, nature cycles+ more deep inside and from such a different angle.

It´s an extraordinary experience and a chance to fully breath in what you find. Inside and outside of yourself. Take home a personal gem you will never forget. Rise up and shine!  It`s coaching to go 😉

Nothing to do than just to follow my guidance, join the adventoure and surrender to yourself +nature. Pack light for a hike.

Excited? Yes, let´s go, grow, wow!

Contact me for any further questions or just follow the surprises on your journey. YES!



Looking forward seeing you grow, celebrate training with you, training you so well or just spoil your day with a treatment.

Johanna, Whatsapp: +49 160 2420314 or Calls +27 (0)79 2496955.









Past offers:


Authentic Safari

1 Day Workshop – Travel with us to your real Happiness and Success

Authentic Safari

Grow your Self Worth-
Start authentic Happiness and Real Life Success
– 1 Day Workshop –

From the revolutionary founders of Self-Worth Safari
and Your-Body-Knows

We offer you a 1 day workshop where we explore in a group your own authentic life success and happiness- through different moving tools, ranging from creative body-mind coaching, movement and mindfulness, improvisation and expression, creative arts, bodywork and more.

For the ones interested, there will follow a longer retreat on top to explore that topic in all needed aspects.

Sofie is the founder of Self-Worth-Safari and she is a Mindwellness NLP coach and started a revolution in increased Self-Worth and Mindwellness, working with companies and individuals.

Johanna created the social entrepreneurship Your-Body-Knows. She is a passionate movement and body therapist, life and health coach and a holistic trainer and facilitator. Her work reaches international souls and institutions.

Together they will provide combined power for the body and the mind to unwind and uncover structures which hold you back from living your higher potential.

When? on request

Where? on request

No experience needed, men and women welcome, please bring comfortable cloth and a sweadder.

Are you ready to make a change in your life and start the journey towards that glory now?

Join us!
We are looking forward getting you closer to your core, higher potential and real life purpose.

Please register now with Johanna:
| +49 160 2420314 for Whatsapp

About Johanna: www.your-body-knows.org

About Sofie:
As the founder of Self-Worth Safari I am starting a revolution in increased Self-Worth and Mindwellness.

I firmly believe that this is what the world needs in order to move away from today’s living filled with stress, negativity, anxiousness and greed Lets move towards a society where success is based on inner peace and authentic happiness rather than outer achievements which easily lead into burnout, loneliness, stuckstate or depression.

I have worked with Self-Esteem issues in myself and others for over 10 years and am wishing to spread Self-Love with quick and easy tools to create a better life.

You create your reality by choosing the thoughts and beliefs your mind should listen to.

It´s an incredible power which could be used to either create happiness, health and authentic life success on all levels.

„Wow man, Sofie and Joh made such a difference in my life..when they came together, they gave really everything to support every one of us. Loving that passion for real life success!!“

The greatest Journey to Yourself: Selfexploring Empowerment and Real Transformation

Regularly + Also for interested organisations

Creative Coaching Tools and Movement build the foundation for Selfexploration and Transformation within a regular group. Partner work and individual work.

Allowing Purpose, Authentic connection, Powerful Self Expression, Embodiment, Joy, Personal Growth and Clarity

Different topics every time. No experience needed. Men and Women.

Drop-ins welcome. Please register minimum two days in advance.

You are prepared to give up in order to find more (joy, love, happiness, success….)?!

You are looking for orientation, finding yourself in a crisis or time of change?

You want to journey to let your true essence and higher purpose be found?!

You are desiring to follow the path and true power of your heart?

Then become with us a present for yourself, for your friends `n family and the world.

Go out and shine! Let your body speak and find back to yourself. Inner wisdom and health. Back into your power.  Looking forward growing together!


Massage Training Workshop : Holistic, Deep, Professional

Serial, continuing

Learn techniques for pain removal, holistical wellbeing and stress release.

Learn the perfect quality of touch.

Learn from Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue Neck- Back- Shoulder, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, fascial and emotional Release- Massage

Learn tricks and tips from professional therapists.

Warming up with bodywork for ourselfs and with our partner

Getting in contact inside and outside through playful movement and creative tools

Learning MASSAGE and BODYWORK professionally and easily through fun and group connection.

When?                  on request

Where?                 Hout Bay

What to bring?   Cosy cloth, a beach towel, water, pen and paper, if you have a yoga mat

That`s what you wanted to get into the whole time anyways? Great! Contact me now for details of programme/ content and for registration.