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..  Your team seems stuck in performance, your intention is a core motivated, well connected team with flowing successful outcome?

     ..  You feel you can, but don`t know how to reach your personal potential, radiating health, work goals and maybe even your stage performance?

Hello, I am Johanna Botzkowski,  let me be your magnetic support, coach your core and enrich your performance with extraordinary & joyful learning experiences!

I help you creating a healthy change and radiating core success - through sensitive core coaching, mentoring your entrepreneural journey, motivating programmes for healthy growth and creative teaching. My speciality is that I approach your success on all 3 levels, Body- Mind and Soul. If suiting I blend our work with a deeply effective body treatment and movement training for freedom of choice and charisma.

My expertise is authentic, successful communication, deep dive into healing connection, inspiring team building and creative (self) leadership training. Facilitated through professional coaching & powerful impro & movement tools and - if you wish - being mirrored by horses.

I'm looking for corporate teams or individuals who like to grow and perform better (in health, authentic success & intentional cocreation) AND who are interested in body-mind-soul alignment, which is the original power for strength, happiness and connecting success.

Time of mindshift, 2021 leads you to invest in what really counts! Start today with one of my Programmes below- soon be the role model you desire! 

Healthy Change meets radiating Performance meets Power and Wellbeing, you`ll love it. Connect with me 🙂


My Offering - be the role model you desire.

`When I think back to our coaching sessions, I really enjoyed the awakening facilitated by you, as it showed seeds in the unconscious mind, which revealed itself later, when I was reflecting on what to do. I really appreciated your sensitivity, awareness and clear guidance.` Russell Kleintjies, Analyst/ Developer, Cape Town

Complete Online Massage Training Course

€60.00 €40.00 (Corona Support)

  • 17 Lessons

.. For YOU, individual, group, organisation

My work is right for you..

  • in periods of growth, transition and change, decision, pain and crisis
  • asking for meta-mentoring and soft skills training
  • looking for (personal) growth, development and empowerment
  • wanting to be fit, healthy, happy, successful
  • wishing for more liveliness, clarity, ability to feel and creativity
  • desiring to live your true purpose
  • in the need of organisational and structural support
  • looking for help with (creative) project management
  • as a human being
  • as a business or organisation
  • as a NGO, school, collective or event
  • as a holiday maker, wellness lover and retreat-ler
  • for you and us, stepping out into the authentic way towards real core success.


The difference my clients see & feel

Most inspiring authenticity and integrity

The most striking thing about Johanna is her inspiring authenticity and integrity. I don’t think I have ever met someone so in-touch with themselves! I adored the enrichment I experienced from her novel movement-based exercises. It was evident that she has an impressive corpus of knowledge from her extensive experience in moving modalities. She also fostered a warm, welcoming, safe, nurturing environment for me to explore my body. Her love for movement, body-work and expression was inspiring! I can’t wait to work with her again.
Wepener van der Walt
Entrepreneural guide

Something different

Your work is so different and real, life changing, heartful and amazingly inspiring- Great special knowledge and so much positive energy!
Luvic Dubble
/ Private Tutor

Appreciate the inituition

Thanks for being so talented and intuitive. Your truth shines through and inspires us to achieve more.`
Mina Hollace
/ Freelancer

New perspective on life

Your sessions enabled me to let go and live my life from a healthy perspective. Thanks for all that powerful holistic knowledge you empowered me with.
/ Multimedia Admin

Money well-spent!

Wow, you do it with so much love, passion and care for the people. Everybody should spend their money for a real session like this instead of running to state paid offers with little effects.
/ Engineer

Very helpful

Wow, how comes I can move my arm with you again? My physiotherapist didn`t manage to help.
Madley Pondor
/ IT Specialist

Memorable life lessons

I love your words: You give up lots, to find more. You go travel to let yourself find. Through you, I am able to see and allow more happiness into my life.
/ Small Business Owner

Wow. Just Wow!

Wow. Just wow. Best massage I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a few dozens! Not only does Johanna completely take care of you individually, as your body needs it, she intuitively picks up on additional things that she then resolves. I felt so spaced out after my massage - in the absolute best way possible. Have already recommended her and will keep doing so. Biggest thank you 🙏😊♥️
Jennifer Schlüter
Online Business Entrepreneur

Communicate to connect

Your communication skills taught us how to truly connect. We feel like we solved a crucial core issue.
/ Project Manager

Sensitivity, awakening & seeds for growth

When I think back to our coaching sessions, I really enjoyed the awakening facilitated by you, as it showed seeds in the unconscious mind, which revealed itself later, when I was reflecting on what to do. I really appreciated your sensitivity, awareness and clear guidance.
Russell Kleintjies
Business Analyst/ Developer

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