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Inspiration, Coaching, Guidance, Facilitation, Implementation – Online & Offline.

I created special programmes and workhops/ trainings for you and your company to support your process of change and to equip you with ressources for healthy success.
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Coaching orientated Seminars & Programmes

Healthy Performance Programme

Growing equipped through the crisis! Suddenly we need high self motivation, clear focus, stamina and resilience- home office demands us to gain new resources. New challenges ask us to apply emotional & stress management and learn new skills for structure, organisation, time and project management. Use this time to grow, personally and professionally, allow yourself support. I am glad to make sense and to be here for you.

That`s why I offer you an individually for these challenges orientated coaching and training, which tools and methods we will design after your personal needs to gain new empowerment and soft-skills in the fields of Body-Mind, Life-Health as well as practical Structure & Organisation. Holistic support on all levels:

  • Personal Growth and Development (grow through the 3 Step Programme)
  • Stress and Emotions Management
  • Body-Mind-Soul-Wellbeing (holistic success and happiness)
  • Resilience & Work-Life Balance
  • Understanding and deepening relationships (the ground for all)
  • Overcome Stuck States (of any kind)
  • Self-realisation (the base for any growth)
  • Creative Soft-skills Training (conflict, authentic self, communication, team work, connection, impro & exploration, resources)
  • More energy for your daily life (nutrition and dynamic movement, integrative health from inside to outside)
  • Strong back needs a strong core (transfer from yoga, dance and functional dynamic training)
  • Holistic Mindfulness Training (so many tools from mind power, dance, yoga, consciousness, meditation, breath work, release techniques, focus and clarity..)
  • Clearly healthy Communication Training (authentic and non violent communication)
  • Self Massage Techniques (anti stress and anxiety, for more energy and balance)
  • Creativity techniques: Learn from dance and horses (what an alive journey, contact me for your outline)
  • Consulting and conversational support in crisis (you need to speak, find back to yourself, get a frame, vision and goals and clear steps to go ahead/ move you away from pain and crisis, restore your resources)
  • Structure – organisation- motivation – (self) leadership (time and home office management, soft-skills how to work through challenges, understanding of Zeitgeist 2020 and its context, build up a strong, sustaining business or life progress)

Price: 120€/ 90 mins single session

Medium: Talk, Single Session, Seminar, Sustainable Programme

Contact me for regular arrangements, group packages or business solutions

3 Step Programme to Core Success

Follow this time of powerful Mind-shift, start creating, changing, align & empower yourself with purpose! For growing and walking new steps or even a new path we need to allow continuous challenges, new learnings and profound clarity and focus..

The Spark: Passionate about researching life?, Creating meaning?, Living in joyful, happy and healthy power?, Overcoming challenges?, Interested in your higher soul purpose and authentic core success?, In confidence and charisma?

Well, it all starts with yourself. Choosing to live from your soul purpose versus your misleading idea of identity.

I created a 3 Step Empowerment Programme to step into your mental, physical and spiritual health: Health from inside to outside: Holistically fit Body, Sane Mind, Alive Heart, Happy Soul, Great Growth => Receive lasting happiness and core success.

This Programme gives you a clear understanding and framework where to start and which steps to take you for your personal growth and empowerment. Then I will facilitate your journey as a coach and trainer with many creative and powerful tools through these steps. Right into purpose and core success. If you wish, including dance and horses!

  1. Find out who you are and what`s your soul purpose ?
    • Lots of creative coaching techniques (dance, voice, impro, writing, story telling)
  2. Choose and focus on that !
    • Lots of personal growth work (belief patterns, meta perspective, emotions, forgiving, letting go, self-love, soft-skills)
    • Understanding of core principles of life (presence and energy, law of attraction, timing, physicality and embodiment, endless possibilities)
  3. Create your world in alignment with your higher purpose .
    • Vision into practice: Project Management Outline
    • Lots of soft-skills to be applied
    • Push through challenges: Supporting groups, Coaching

I will guide you and facilitate your process with creative coaching techniques and cross over tools, to grow through all these three steps. You can also choose just one level or skill, step by step. And if you like, I will introduce you to three great teachers: horses, dance and conscious connection.

What you will learn:

Get to know your authentic self. Bring more movement in your life. Understand how to break through challenges, manage to choose and learn how to focus.

Create your reality in alignment with your purpose, guided by your heart and inner voice. Understand key factors and how all connects. Reconnect to the secrets of nature.

Step into your mental, physical and spiritual health: Receive lasting happiness and core success.

Caution: You might receive this programme as provocative, direct, radical authentic, but thereby it`s loving, clear, straight, outgoing, creative, and truly conscious and empowering.

So, let’s get you started!

Start where you are, take what you’ve got. Change comes step by step. From small to big. That`s the creational process. You are always ready and never not good enough yet to start as you never stop growing anyway! Start NOW shining and it will expand day by day.

One door opens, then the next. Everything starts with personal development. From there you develop self love. Then you start shining and expressing yourself, then law of attraction kicks in. You get what you give.

Price: 120€/ 90 mins single session

Medium: Talk, Single Session, Seminar, Sustainable Programme

Contact me for regular arrangements, group packages or business solutions

Connect & Discover - Horse Assisted Weekend Getaway in beautiful nature in South Africa

Connect & Discover –

Horse Assisted Weekend Getaway

23. & 24. January 2021, 13. & 14. February, 20. & 21. February, 6. & 7. March 

(Saturday: 2pm to 6 pm, Sunday: 9am to 5 pm)

At Surya Estate on the beautiful nature spot Baardskeerdersbos (not too far from Hermanus)

Whatever question you bring to the retreat, Johanna and Nina together with our horses will coach you through your personal quest.
You can look forward to: Personal reflection work, joyful partner work, inspiring movement & creative coaching tools PLUS daily mirroring sessions with the horses (no riding).
Gifts of your process are:
* tune in with yourself and the heartbeat of the horses
* gain self-leadership skills
* prepare for the year ahead, the time of mindshift
* enjoy beautiful nature & a magical night sky
* nurturing communication & connection skills
* choose body-mind-soul resilience
* connect with forgotten strength and be led by the power of the heart
Optionally you can add to your experience on-site massages, horse-assisted family constellations, horse back riding and further coaching with lining out your future steps for a radiant 2021
Our original price is R3.500 pp, including full board freshly cooked meals and basic camping facilities.
Due to these challenging times we are in, we decided today to
gift the first 23. & 24. January Getaway as a lockdown special for only R1.750pp
as your investment to simply cover our costs (please register with us until 17.01.2021, so we can mutually perpare well for you, thank you:).
Also enjoy these hand-in-hand options to create a possibility for you to come effordless and with WIN-WIN:
1. Help us spreading the word by bringing 2, then you go for free! (applicable for the first 2 bookings:)
2. Bring a person to the retreat and receive 20% comission straight. Just let the person share your name with us. Easy! 🙂
Book fast to secure your spot. We are looking forward welcoming you!
CONTACT Nina 076 570 2222 or Johanna +49 160 2420314 (WhatsApp) for your booking.


Read here what participants of our first retreat said:

`A very special experience in all ways with beautiful people. Lots of connection, warmth and movement!`Dr. Kirsten Neke

I will definetly recommend this retreats to some friends, I had unexcpected deep insights and it was meaningful and fun!` Dr. Sanja Lutzeyer

*Please use the following account for your payment:
/ Alternatively you can choose paypal or we also have a German account, if easier. Please speak to us.
FNB cheque                                                                                    
Acc name: Nina Schein
Acc number: 62185053073
Branch: 201709
Lifeskills & Empowerment Programme

→ I have a strong ability to organise or facilitate projects for inner and outer development, life skills training, empowerment, fun and joy, trust and strength through creative techniques from the arts like dance, music, theatre, improvisation

→ Bringing Creativity, Partner Work, Inner and outer journeys, Coaching, Therapy plus Wellness and Projects/ Events together

→ Using different fields and collaborating with artists of the creative performing arts (dance, theatre, stage work, musicality and rhythm, urban performance) to create fun, artistic and at the same time therapeutic or empowering life-skills training for all

→ I also combine many bodywork and performing arts elements to create a group feeling, body awareness and openness for the inner and outer process

→ For personal development, self exploration, creative team building, holistic health, inner and outer journeys, creative life shaping, improvisation and play, artistic issues plus more

→ Finding inner self-esteem, getting ready for life on many different, deep levels

→ Finding out about your needs and skills towards a professional future- job and life

→ I will channel my competencies into a format, which fits you or your organisation’s need, ranging from health days, incentives, retreats, team buildings, leadership coaching, exploration seminars, creative change management or relationship building seminars and so on

→ Specific topics could be `experiencing new qualities for action and reaction`, `how to lead and follow`, `finding your place and centre of peace`, `authentic movement and clear communication`, `the power of listening`, `saying no and setting boundaries`, `, `body rhythm meets voice (movement choirs)`, `self love`, `mindfulness`, `receiving practical knowledge for body-mind-soul health`, `holistic movement + training`, `increasing creativity and idea management`, `investing your heart`, `creating new resources by working with elements and qualities`, `social intelligence`, `life motivation`, `personal empowerment`, `contact/ feelings inside and outside` + more

→ Either in form of single sessions, 1-2 days workshops, as a weekly seminar, project or retreat

→ In groups or on an individual basis

→ For all interested target groups, kids, young adults, less privileged, school classes, NGO`s, sport clubs, companies, organisations

Price: 120€/ 90 mins single session, contact me for regular arrangements, group packages or business solutions

Medium: Talk, Single Session, Seminar, Sustainable Programme

Special Workshops & Trainings

Dance Tech Training

Create endless possibilities: For Dancers – not matter if salsa, tango, zouk, contemporary.. – who want to owe, understand and know movement.

I will teach you where it originates and create understanding about all the possibilities of tempo, momentum, direction, turns, floor work, expression, breath, release, position, alignment, elements, qualities and movement creation you have.

You will receive limitless possibilities to enrich your dancing by yourself, without copying your teachers choreography. Adding flavour, possibilities, attitude, personality and charisma.

Price: First consultaning session is free (30 minutes), session 60€/ 70minutes
Package price on request

Powerful Embodiment and Charisma Training

For Movers who want to upgrade and improve their (daily) training success & for speakers, artists who are looking for more persuasive power, charisma and winning embodiment

Price: First consulting session is free (30 minutes), session 60€/ 70minutes

Package price on request

Complete Massage Training Course - Video Tutorial

YOUR PERSONAL VIDEO MASSAGE TRAINING COURSE, freshly produced in Cape Town and ready to teach you!

Keep using your time wisely and learn something avluable new in times of Corona. And what is more suiting than a massage course, spoiling yourself and your beloved ones, release tension, nurture your relationship or gift your love through these crazy times. Learning, Relaxing and Treating well through the crisis. IT IS JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO BE ENJOYED!

You want to learn how to give a good Massage? Techniques from tip to toe, simple and effective, holistic and deep? Then my Massage Training Course (in English) is right for you.

Coming from a long years working experience as a holistic body & massage therapist, coach and trainer, I will show you in 15 sections (about 4 hours of training) the most important massage know-how, a combination of different techniques and holistic knowledge for the whole body, from start to finish.  Simple, fast and effectiv.

I will provide you with knowledge from classical wellness and deep tissue massage, therapeutic manual techniques, reflexology, thai yoga stretching massage, shiatsu techniques, fascial massage and other techniques, which flow into a simple but very effective, holistic combination massage.

Your tutorial contains amongst others:

– Deep tissue neck back shoulder massage

– Feet and leg massage

– Hand and arm massage

– Head and face massage

– Vibrations and Stretches

– How to start and finish a massage

– How to prepare your massage table

– Quality of touch

– Easy massage anatomy

– Whole body techniques frontside and backside

– Overall combination massage

– Lots of tips and special holistic knowledge

Medium: Online Course

Package price: normally 60€, now 40€ (Corona Support)

All infos here:

Inhouse Massage Training Workshops

I also offer Inhouse Massage Training Workshops on request.

And I invite you to join my real time Massage Course in Freiburg, 8 evenings in October and November 2020.  Please contact me for further information. Also check my special offers for regular updates (courses in different cities).

I also offer a course for self massage techniques in which I will teach you effective grips to solve tensions of head and body pain, treat reflex points, meridian stretching exercises, knocking and other fascia and kineasiology techniques to let go of tension, pain and anxiety. You will receive immediate relaxation, energizing, release and re-balancing. More infos on request.

Talks & Presentations

Loooking for a speaker in the field of holistic health, inspirational `Zeitgeist` transformation, mindshift 2020, empowerment and  core success? Let me be your stage 🙂 !

Find motivation from my last speech Mindshift 2020 at the 8 o clock Club in South Africa on my Utube channel your-body-knows.

Complete Online Massage Training Course

€60.00 €40.00 (Corona Support)

  • 17 Lessons
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