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If it is ONE thing, then it is this MASTERCLASS which I burn to bring into your life now in this new year, 2022 !



´Cause fulfilling (life) success offers more than turning in a circle !








Ring the phone now to arrange a free call. In this we will value, if the masterclass helps transforming your life. Just whatsapp me, +49 160 2420314.

What you will get out of this investment?

Practical Tools, theoretical Knowledge, deep Knowing from inside out =>

Letting go- Expansion- Transformation – deep Peace & new Power.

For your private AND professional LIFE.

– Creative Live/-liness & Health in new, holistic ways

– New Possibilities and Ressources for your life challenges

– Hidden Potential comes to the surface – Learn how to Embrace and Embody it.

– Tools for a Positive Management of Stress

– Individual Happiness – Life & Health Coaching with me and the group

– Access to Joy and Life Energy: Attracting Charisma

– Mindset Work & Self Healing Techniques

– Deep and Authentic Connection Skills (to yourself and others)

– Appreciative Communication Skillset plus new authority in conflicts/ crisis

– Learning the quality of touch and deeply healing connection

– Rebalancing and Rejuvenating, starting in your Body and Soul, form inside out

– Learning Focus and Softskills like Self Leadership, Time Management, Creational Thinking

– Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness

– Anti Pain Prevention – Body Therapy & Personal Training Knowledge

– Professional and creative Coaching Techniques (Systemic Solution Orientated, Body Mind, NLP)

– Intuitive Medicine (interdisciplinary knowledge) & building Resilience

– New ways of using Creative Arts & Design Thinking, Dance, Music and Play as a new source in your and others lifes

You Want to Start?
Great! The only needed ingredient is courage and the wish for self-efficacy. I invite you to trust, you are in good hands with me as I work for more than 10 years in this field now, I love what I do and I do what I speak.
Here a small audio sample from `in the middle of the BODY IQ work` with a German client (sorry not in English). So you can get inspired of which amazing results are possible..

Contact me now for your free evaluating call. Johanna Whatsapp +49 160 2420314.
I am looking forward to empower you! Watch my video (German) to get a feeling for my work..  

Programmes & Packages - Individuals & Corporates

I created special coachings and trainings to support your (team`s) process of change and

to equip you with skills for healthy core success.

All online and offline. Programme, Retreat, Masterclass, Workshop, Day Adventure, Talk or Lecture.
Book here directly, we will customize your outline.
3 Step Mentoring Programme to Core Success - for your LIFE & HEALTH & BUSINESS growth




Lost yourself (in a role) or being stuck and desperate for finding back to yourself, walking `on-track` again?

You seem to achieved it all, but you miss living freely, you wish to live from your smart, inner voice again, connect to your true happiness?

Looking for fulfilling success, want to grow from your core potential, in line with your purpose?

Missing the courage to live after your true compass?

You simply wish to live a more conscious and healthy life?

Asking for more energy and magnetic charisma in your life?

You lack clarity of which (professional) life direction to choose?

You don`t want to continue anymore, need to find solutions for replacing burnout and depression and you are looking for rewarding success and happiness from deep inside – your life in flow quality.. YES!

Looking for guidance and mentoring to start or improve your entrepreneural life and to lift your success to the next level?

You need a plan and mentoring how to improve your business, set up your vision and clarify your goals, create time management, self leaderships skills, clear communication, rewarding relationships, working through limiting believe patterns and failure, simply to rise your performance and receive profound health, fulfilling happiness and rewarding success?

So, let’s get you started!

Start where you are, take what you’ve got. Change comes step by step. From small to big. One door opens, then the next. That`s the creational process. You are always ready and never not good enough yet to start as you never stop growing anyway! Start NOW shining and it will expand day by day. Everything starts with personal development.

For growing and walking new steps, entering the next level, we need to allow continuous challenges, let go of (unconscious) fears and belief patterns. We are asked to clean up, reflect back and connect with our core. A successful life wants us to continously establish new ressources, learn rewarding communication plus choosing profound clarity and maintaining focus.

It all starts with yourself. Choosing to live from your confidence and charismatic core potential versus your misleaded idea of build up identity. Create your reality in alignment with your inner voice, guided by your heart. You will understand how it all connects and receive key factors for transformation. Are you ready to step into the bliss of your mental, physical and spiritual health: Long lasting happiness and core success ahead?!

Jump on, to support you in your unique success process I created this integrative 3 Step Empowerment Programme – incuding coaching, mentoring and training, forming us on all levels- BODY, MIND, SOUL.

This Programme is made to provide you with a clear framework, through which I will professionally support your steps for your PERSONAL AND BUSINESS growth.

I will facilitate your individual process with certified systemic-solution orientated coaching techniques, international entrepreneural knowledge, socio-economical master studies and diverse business experience. I love to melt in my background of creative crossover tools from health coaching & training, improvisational play and conscious body-mind work. As an optional unique possibility, I assist your process being mirrored by horses.

  1. SOUL: Reflect and Return to who you are and what`s your core purpose? Setting the base for your break through
    • Detecting your underlying `golden` core values, your vision and authentic purpose
    • Understanding of core principals in life and how you can make them work for you: Conscious Awarness Training (law of attraction, positivity, timing, power of presence, letting go, embodiment, endless possibilities)
    • Receiving motivation and possibilities, the ultimate source to overcome stuck state
    • Expanding clarity, the base for your charisma and magnetic success
    • Lining out your true life- and business intentions, now aligned with your inner voice and routed in your core potential
  1. MIND: Choose, let go and focus! Lots of personal growth work. Deepen your break through
    • Detecting your (non-serving) belief patterns, applying meta perspective, establishing new angles and powerful possibilities (often the core for fast break through)
    • Softskills (making peace with your mind): emotional understanding and management, self love, forgiving, letting go, living from your heart, trusting in life & god
    • Self Leadership Skills (leading your mind): `smart` goal setting, time management, profound communication skills, understanding conflict, creating healthy and fullfilling relationships, working through failures, build up trust and courage
    • Health & Welfit routines: Strong back needs a strong core, anti stress management, transfer from dynamic movement, body-mind and biokinetic training

3. BODY/PHYSICAL REALITY: Embody your mission, bring it into reality. Create your success in alignment with your higher potential. Build your break through future.

    • Vision into practice: Business Strategy Outline, step by step
    • Create new ressources, learnings and skills
    • Mentoring your training for pushing through, increasing power and capacity
    • Replacing burnout and depression with great success – expanding flow status!

Caution: You might receive this programme as provocative, direct, radical authentic, but thereby it`s loving, powerful, clear, straight, outgoing, creative, magnetic, truly conscious and immensively life changing.

Everything starts with personal development. You get what you give~send.

So, let’s get you started!

Works well in a package of 9 coaching-mentoring-training sessions a 90mins. Total investment is 990€ (this gives you ~ 10% off/ less per single sessions!) or R14600.

Single coaching session: 120€/ 90 mins or R1600/ 90 mins

Please contact me to form your unique outline. Looking forward to get you shine and grow.

Coprporate Package for HEALTHY & MOTIVATED TEAM PERFORMANCE - The suiting blend !

..  Your team seems stuck in performance, your intention is a core motivated, well connected team with flowing successful outcome?

Welcome to your magic support. In this package I combine the tools needed and suiting from my coaching into core success porgramme to get your team`s performance into transition towards core motivation.

We learn succesful & appreciative communication, we train conflict & (self) leadership skills, create understanding & awareness for how to create rewarding realtionships and we receive anti stress tricks and techniques for a balanced body, mind and soul. Together with powerful systemic solutions orientated and cross-over creative coaching tools, the ultimate ground for successful team building and motivated team performance => your business success.

As an entrepreneur of different events, projects and businesses myself, with employments in managament and marketing positions, with my economic master studies background and as a passionate facilitator, trainer and coach for personal and business growth I AM RIGHT HERE TO SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR WORKING TEAM!

Benefit from my business knowledge, wide experience in various international fields. professional coaching & powerful creative tools and – if you wish – letting your (team`s) performance being mirrored by horses!

This Package works best as combined 8 sessions a 90 mins which build up on each other (live or per zoom).

Package Price is €3200. Please contact me to discuss your unique outline.

Special Embodied Trainings & Offers

Dance Tech Training

Create endless possibilities: For Dancers – not matter if salsa, tango, zouk, contemporary.. – who want to owe, understand and know movement.

I will teach you where it originates and create understanding about all the possibilities of tempo, momentum, direction, turns, floor work, expression, breath, release, position, alignment, elements, qualities and movement creation you have.

You will receive limitless possibilities to enrich your dancing by yourself, without copying your teachers choreography. Adding flavour, possibilities, attitude, personality and charisma.

Price: First consultaning session is free (30 minutes), session 60€/ 70minutes
Package price on request

Inhouse Massage Training Workshops

I also offer Inhouse Massage Training Workshops on request.

And I invite you to join my real time Massage Course in Freiburg, 8 evenings in October and November 2020.  Please contact me for further information. Also check my special offers for regular updates (courses in different cities).

I also offer a course for self massage techniques in which I will teach you effective grips to solve tensions of head and body pain, treat reflex points, meridian stretching exercises, knocking and other fascia and kineasiology techniques to let go of tension, pain and anxiety. You will receive immediate relaxation, energizing, release and re-balancing. More infos on request.

Health & Lifesskills Training for schools & organisations

→ I have a strong ability to organise or facilitate projects for inner and outer development, life skills training, empowerment, fun and joy, trust and strength, communication and conflict skills training through creative techniques from the arts like dance, music, theatre, improvisation

→ I will channel my competencies into a format, which fits you or your organisation’s need, ranging from health days, incentives, retreats, team buildings, leadership coaching, exploration seminars, creative change management or relationship building seminars and so on

→ Specific topics could be `experiencing new qualities for action and reaction`, `how to lead and follow`, `finding your place and centre of peace`, `authentic movement and clear communication`, `the power of listening`, `saying no and setting boundaries`, `, `body rhythm meets voice (movement choirs)`, `self love`, `mindfulness`, `receiving practical knowledge for body-mind-soul health`, `holistic movement + training`, `increasing creativity and idea management`, `investing your heart`, `creating new resources by working with elements and qualities`, `social intelligence`, `life motivation`, `personal empowerment`, `contact/ feelings inside and outside` + more

→ Either in form of single sessions, 1-2 days workshops, as a weekly seminar, project or retreat

→ In groups or on an individual basis

→ For all interested target groups, kids, young adults, less privileged, school classes, NGO`s, sport clubs, companies, organisations

Please contact me for regular arrangements, group packages or business solutions

Medium: Talk, Single Session, Seminar, Workshop, Class, Course, Sustainable Programme

Horse Assisted Coaching - For Teams, Private Session, Family Adventure
Start with a little video as an insight into
my Team Coaching Work with Horses here (just click)!


On offer NOW 2022, in Germany (Berlin and Freiburg) and South Africa (Cape Town and Garden Route):
COACHING WITH HORSES – for teams, individuals, family adventures:

Hello beautiful people and teams out there who like to grow and expand in extraordinary ways.
Here is a magical offer you might like to try if you have a little courage, lots of curiosity and a clear wish to grow and receive new solutions for some profound life challenges: Let`s do this work together with horses!
Yes, Horse Assisted Coaching it is.
Available now in Germany and South Africa on request.  Looking forward to move you or your team next level.

Please just whatsapp me on +49 160 2420314 for all further information and to start `tomorrow` 🙂 !

No pre experience required.

All other formats like Weekend Getaways, Day Workshops and Retreats are nearly always up and running. Just contact me for current dates please. Thank you.



Happened already: 2021 in South Africa (Garden Route) EMBODIMENT WITH HORSES DAY WS

Happened already: 2021 in South Africa (near Hermanus) CONNECT & DISCOVER WEEKEND GETAWAY WITH HORSES

Are you interested in self leadership skills and you also feel pulled to horses?

Maybe you also wonder about supportive answers to this new time ahead?

Do you wish to connect more and discover new skills which make you grow personally and be better in what you do, work, partner or just life related?

Then this retreat is right for you! We designed a horse assisted weekend time for you, to connect and discover and to radiate from your core purpose.

Let us guide you through many creative and systemic coaching tools and let our horses mirror your personal quest and discovery process. You will self-reflect, do inspiring partnerwork, memorable group exercise with movement and joyful arts and deeply rewarding ground work with the horses (it`s connecting sessions with the horse from the ground, riding can be booked additionally).

Gifts for your courage are:
* tune in with yourself and the heartbeat of the horses
* gain self-leadership skills
* prepare for the year ahead, the time of mindshift
* enjoy beautiful nature & a magical night sky
* nurturing holistic communication & connection skills
* choose body-mind-soul resilience
* connect with forgotten strength and be led by the power of the heart

Price, food, accomodation:

Your investment is R3.500 pp, including full board fresh meals and camping facilities (bring your own tent). Price options available on request. We are happy to help with Airbnb/ Guesthouse options, there is some nice and affordable ones nearby!

Optionally you can add to your experience on-site deeply restoring massages/ bodywork and further coaching with lining out your future steps for a radiant 2021!

We are looking forward welcoming you!

And what did participants say of our first retreat?!
`A very special experience in all ways with beautiful people. Lots of connection, warmth and movement!`Dr. Kirsten Neke
`I will definetly recommend this retreats to some friends, I had unexcpected deep insights and it was meaningful and fun!` Dr. Sanja Lutzeyer

Impressions of the WEEKEND GETAWAY, enjoy..


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