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Join the journey, find out how I can help you and if it's for you. Also find out about my base (qualification background). Let me share with you my personal journey which lead me to my life’s purpose and YOUR core success.
Johanna Botzkowski
Holistic Coach
"Join the journey, find out how I can help you and if it's for you. Also find out about my base (qualification background). Let me share with you my personal journey which lead me to my life’s purpose and YOUR core success."
Johanna Botzkowski
Holistic Coach

Who am I?

Thank you for your interest. I am Johanna Botzkowski, `Flame Agency` and `Heart Core Manager`. Born in Germany and alive for many years in the cultural metropolis Berlin plus in Cape Town. I am a creative, holistic entrepreneur, following my inner voice & purpose with all my heart. While my mind went into sustainable tourism management studies (Master of Arts), my soul and body expanded into the competency fields of the creative arts, dance and therapeutic movement research. This lead me to various educations and qualifications, which now form – grounding on long years experience – my today`s work in holistic massage & body therapy, integrative life & health, inspiring transformation coaching and empowering training. Thats when my life journey only really started.

My personality and passion are multisided. And so is my field of competency and profession. Friends call me a peaceful warrior oft he heart. Indeed, my passion is to share the wonderful spark of life, motivate, inspire, shine, treat, connect and support people, make them move, follow their heart and soul purpose and radiate in various ways into core success. Everything I achieved, I created through my inner voice and guidance power.

So I spread my skills through the fields of creative projects, holistic health and wellness and integrative support/ coaching and training. I enjoy directing my studied business knowledge like management and marketing into fields of work, which forms the other side of my profession: leadership facilitation, structional and organisational support for medium scale business and institutions, mentoring and softskills training for transitions and change processes.

I provide…

Theoretical knowledge socio economic master studies, various creative coaching, dance, training and body therapy educations

Experimental scenes as a movement and life researcher for holistic healing and authentic growth

I have been living and working in various teams on different sides of the earth, including Asia, South Africa, Southern Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I love intercultural, healthy, sportive, integrative, social intelligent, fair, efficient and inspiring work and living. Nature`s power, horses as well as authentic and alive beings are my life recharging battery. That desire brought me to my second home base Cape Town. South Africa is the most alive and heart-filled place I so far experienced.

Thank you for your trust… Join the Journey now!


I am experienced to help you with your journey


Ongoing Creational Work

After some experience with employment/ management (natural cosmetic shop management, language school team management, tour management, marketing management for a little sustainable tourism operator in South Africa) – I was running my own massage studio and I am now fully self-employed with training, coaching, body therapy, seminars and creative projects for different organisations, schools, companies, sport clubs, luxury hotels and for my own clients. Operating in Germany and South Africa.

2011 - 2013

Master Studies `Sustainable Tourism Management` (Master of Arts), University of sustainable development, Berlin. Thesis: Communication concept for a wellness hotel to attract the mega trend target group Lohas (`Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability`)

2011 - 2016

Multiple massage, body therapy, healthy movement, dance and a variety of training and coaching/ personal development educations.

2005 - 2010

Bachelor Studies `International Applied Leisure Sciences` (Bachelor of Arts), University of  Applied Sciences Bremen. Thesis: Marketing concept for community based tourism in South Africa for the case study ´VUK Africa`. Semester abroad: UKZN, South Africa

2005 - 2010

Diverse internships, e.g. at travel and tour operators (marketing, customer consultancy, PR/ sales, bureaucracy, strategic planning and organisation, service), at Phuket Aquarium (marine conservation and edutainment for school groups), in the water sports tourism industry (diving and surfing lessons and customer care), at art & event organisations (Cultural Center of Uni Bielefeld- creative marketing, Theatre Bremen- fundraising and development)

Diverse international job expertise: Germany, South Africa, South Europe, Thailand, Australia, NZ

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (business fluent), Spanish and French

Wide international volunteer experience: Volunteering in several international projects including nature conservation, development work, animal care, orphanage work, education, tourism, costal conservation + hosting of fundraising events in SA


I am qualified to help you
with your transformation


Master of Arts: Nachhaltiges Tourismusmangement, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Bachelor of Arts: Internationale Angewandte Freizeitwissenschaften, Hochschule Bremen 

Certificates in holistic coaching

Body and Mind Coaching, Nlp Coaching, Systemic solution orientated coaching, Basis Conscious Awareness Coaching, Basis Landmark Forum Coaching, Health and Nutrition Consultancy, Radical Honesty, Non-Violent Communication, Basis Coaching Work with Horses, Relaxation and Stress Release Trainer, Communication trainer.

Certificates in holistic body therapy

Deep Tissue Classical Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Fascia Release, Thai-Yoga Stretching, Neck Back Shoulder Therapy, Face and Head Work, Manual Techniques/ Hands ,on, Food and Hand Reflexology, Energy Work, Aroma Oil, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Emotional Release, Mobile Massage, Relaxation and stress release trainer (after §20 SGB V)

Certificates in dance

Artistic Dance as well as Dance Pedagogy and Therapy (educations and seminars): Contemporary Dance, Modern, Contact Improvisation and Axis Syllabus (variable trainings, see under techniques I use), Dance and Bodywork, Choreography, Seneca Intensive Dance Pedagogies, Dancing with Kids (3-7), Dance Ü13 school project, New Dance/ Laban Bartenieff, African Dance (WS`s). Yoga Intensive Course Thailand

Certificates in fitness and personal training

Basic Personal Trainer Qualification

Deep Work Trainer (licensed after Robert Steinbacher) 

Ballet Rip Trainer (licensed in South Africa)

Yoga (seminars)

Healing Movement (experimental research cross over, dance, psychosomatic work, embodiment, breath, voice, impro)

Further economic qualifications

Moderation (HSP), Communication (HSP), Sales and PR (HSP), Coaching (Moves und HP Praxis), Project Management (Uni Bremen), Dragon dreaming creative facilitation, Team Building (Uni Bremen), How to run start ups (HS Berlin), Arts Development (Theatre Bremen), Creative Marketing (Uni Bielefeld), Accounting (MLP)

Other certificates

Marine Guiding, Rescue Diver, Windsurfing teacher, Travel Guide

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