Personal Training & Dancing Workout

Personal Training & Dancing Workout

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Health from Inside to Outside!

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Client`s feedback: “Hi Johanna, I would like to thank you for the fun and informative training session we have. I`m really impressed with the enthusiasm and genuine care you have for me. Though you, I have started on a new and positive journey.” Ricky Chaplin, Cape Town

What, How and Why?

→ Personal Training (Individual Work)

More than an effective workout- it`s your treat. Create a (new) base of strength, health and happiness for your life.

Power, Health and Strength from Inside to Outside; Holistic approach working on all three levels: Body, Mind, Soul. Rounding with a massage to release tension and surrender in well-being. Part of the gift of choosing me:).

I am a holistic health coach and a movement researcher. In my trainings I share all that knowledge with you to get you fit, motivated, inspiredly clear, back in shape and happy in your core. Rise up and shine!

  • My trainings are deep, fun and motivating, holistic, involve lots of sweating, can be challenging and intense, are working on condition, flexibility, dynamic strength, coordination and healthy power from inside to outside.
  • My drive comes from passion for dynamic movement and healthy training!
  • I support you through a unique combination of diverse techniques from Dynamic Functional Training, Dance, Deep Core Work, Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Powerful Breath Work, Brain Gym/ Body-Mind Connection, Holistic Eastern and Western Body & Health Knowledge, Breath Work, Kinesiology & Brain Gym, licensed Health and Nutrition Consultant, Movement Therapy and more
  • The structure and content of my trainings is flexible according to your individual needs. Generally my clients like to
    • start with an holistic warm up for all body part
    • continue with a guided and challenging training section like running, swimming, dance or deep workout
    • followed by a functional muscle power training session
    • finished with a stretch
    • and if wanted rounded with a little massage- spoil yourself!
  • My trainings provide you with lots of knowledge to take home and integrate into your own weekly or daily routine
  • I also work with Hands On and Massage Techniques to support your body-mind awareness and to release defective tension

→ Dynamic Dancing Training and Workout (Classes, Groups)

Applying my license as a DEEP WORK Trainer (after Robert Steinbacher) and my license as a BALLET RIP Trainer (Orig. South Africa) : A powerful, sweaty and super healthy dynamic mixture between dance, martial arts and yoga- it strengthens you, balances you and brings physiotherapy through lots of fun AND deep functional workout. Trust me, it`s amazing!

Applying dance workouts, from Contemporary to Urban, Ballet Rip and African plus Latin Moves. Check my overall movement background under The Techniques I use.

  • Combining Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Breath and Functional Workout
  • A course which is different, with special warm ups, including lots of sweating
  • Training of condition, flexibility, coordination and dynamic strength
  • Getting you in shape, loosing weight, getting fitter
  • Increasing your health on all 3 levels (body, mind, soul)
  • Training with your own body weight
  • Lots of fun and challenging dancing dynamics

For Who?

  • All individuals or groups, young and old, depending on arrangement
  • Fit people who love dynamic, fun and challenging trainings
  • People who like to get fitter and in shape
  • People who like to find out about how to increase their fitness, health and hapiness
  • For you, wanting to create a authentically healthy and fit base in/ for your life

Please contact me for further information and to design the outline for your individual need.

Check What`s on for currently running offers, trainings, workshops.

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  • Terms and conditions: A cancellation, which is under 24 hours within the arranged appointment or session with me, unfortunately has to be paid in full price. Many thanks for your understanding.


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