Body & Massage Therapy

Body & Massage Therapy

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Deep and Effective!

Professional Massage & Holistic Body Therapy

for your wellbeing, stress release, pain removal        

  Exhausted or tired? .. your muscles hurt? .. suffering pain or injury in your body? Get up for a Holistic Massage Treatment!

I`m Johanna (German), a certified holistic body and massage therapist, experienced for many years, living in Hout Bay. My clients state me high value effect and special quality of healing touch.

I offer a deep and rebalancing Quality Combination Massage including different holistic techniques, responding to your individual need:

  • deep tissue and classical massage
  • holistic bodytherapy
  • rebalancing, acupressure
  • neck-back-shoulder release
  • thai yoga stretching, shiatsu
  • fascia release, manual therapy
  • body-mind support

I help you feel healthy, balanced and liberated from stress, stiffness and pain again. My massages have positive effects on your muscles, nerve system, fascia, emotional system and different areas of blockages.

With or without oil. On my table or a floor matraze. Operating from my studio in Hout Bay or at your home.

Client`s feedback: “The personal massage training I received from Johanna was really wonderful. She has a very thorough knowledge of many massage traditions and teaches with a caring sensitivity and with attention to detail. I loved the practical massage exchange method of feeling the techniques on my own body and then performing them on her and getting real time honest feedback. I can highly recommend her for both massage training and treatments.” Craig, Cape Town

Why my Treatment?

Coming from a dance and bodytheapy background I see myself as a passionate body, holistic health and movement researcher. Therefore I enrich my massage treatments with additional knowledge from various body and movement therapeutic skills. I know the body and mind, how all connects and about deep health from inside to outside.

I am scooping from a wide range out of massage work, hands-on + manual resistance, body-mind-centering, foot and back therapy, acupressure, holistic coaching, dance and movement terhapy, relaxing and meditation exercises, breathing practice, nutrition knowledge, personal fitness training, Tai Chi/ Quigong, Aryuveda and more.

My treatments are combination massages and holistic body work: I help with painful problem areas, I offer support with injuries and I aim for an overall-embracing relaxation and healing, including nerve system, fascia, muscle tone, breathing, detoxification and balance of hormone system, energetic constitution and personality.

I am listening to the rhythm and character of the individual person. People say my quality of touch is deep, sensing and intuitive. Some say I have healing hands.

In Berlin I was running my own massage studio. I strongly believe in the healing effects of massage and that it should be part of a healthy lifestyle for everybody.

My offer is diverse – enjoy what suits YOU

  • Regular treatment, at your home or hotel
  • Mobile on your events, corporates, wedding, beach, restaurant, film set (you name it, we arrange it)
  • Training Course/ Workshop: Massage, body therapy and healing touch for all interested (check dates!)
  • As your personal body & mind therapist and trainer: Regularly in your life, on your holidays or on your business trips (I travel with you)
  • As additional certification: For yoga, pilates or any movement trainers
  • As Body-Mind Support in life times: „When the body/ soul starts speaking out loud“

Choose my Mobile Massages or my Home & Hotel Treatments

1. Home or Hotel Treatments

Through my deep, present and caring whole body massages you can release stress and pain, treat and prevent against sickness and injuries, return to wellbeing and receive deep stress and tension relieve.

While you regenerate and heal from outside to inside, I provide you with self confidence and knowledge how to take self responsibility and treat yourself the best you can. I sometimes add little homework tools to empower yourself.

Whole body massage take place at your home or hotel. I combine all my techniques from holistic deep tissue neck-back-shoulder, acupressure, classical Swedish massage, back and foot therapy, hands on + manual resistance, aroma oil, thai-yoga- stretching, shiatsu, water healing movement, energetic massage as well as knowledge from holistic bodywork and chinese medicine.

Times from 45 to 90 mins, with or without oil. See Prices below.


2. Mobile Massages (Event, Business, Function)

My Mobile Massage are a special treat on sportive events, for your business, mice and staff, film and functions, sport events, weddings and birthday partys… for your clients, your beloved ones or for yourself…

Deep, relaxing, releasing pain and regenerating.

`People just love that special extra treat which spoils your day, as a unique incentive, give-away, helpful treatment or as highlight on events and conferences`

Times from 10, 20 or 30 mins, on a chair, on top of the cloth, no oil, easy and wherever you are. See Prices below.










  • Whole Body Deep-Tissue Combination Massage (including travel expenses)
    • 90 Min.      – 120€       or Rand 950
    • 60-70 Min. – 80€         or Rand 750 (I gift you 10 Mins extra:)
  • Part Body Massage*
    • 45 Min.      – 60€        or Rand 450
    • 30 Min.      – 45€        or Rand 300
    • 20 Min.      – 30€        or Rand 150 (Neck-Back-Shoulder Special)

* choosing back, neck-shoulder, head, arms, legs, feet or combination

My offer to you: More sessions, smaller prices;). Just speak to me.

Call me now for your appointment and all other requests. Looking forward treating you so well.


Either with or without oil (on top of the cloth), depending on your individual need:

Without oil:

On a usual chair on top of the cloth; On a special shiatsu chair on top of the cloth; On a futon/ mat on the floor on top of the cloth

With oil: 

On a massage table with oil; On a special shiatsu chair with oil

Mixed version:

On a futon on top of the cloth + if wanted using oil for neck-back-shoulders

Available Times

For general massages choose any time you wish between 8am and 10pm. For mobile massages in the event sector also at nights.

Why getting a Massage?

 Massages .. are rejuvenating, healing, embracing .. reduce your stress level and release pain .. make you feel good, spread joy and get you healthy .. relax and balance your muscle tonus .. give you psychological and physical relaxation .. prevent burnout .. are your short holiday on a weekly basis .. give nutrition to your skin and charisma .. improve healing of injuries .. help with blood pressure porblemtics .. keep the health of your organs .. release fascia bondings and therefore solve lots of your `unknown` problems

My customers recognize..

`So helpful, this wide combination you offer, ranging from body treatment, breathing and relaxation techniques, personal training, hands on + manual resistance, yoga and dynamic body knowledge, meridian and energy work, acupressure and manual techniques, holistic knowledge plus coaching and consulting- from nutrition to movement, treatment, self-help, goal setting, new life framing and more.`

→ Please Contact me for further information and to design the right format for your individual need


  • Terms and conditions: A cancellation, which is under 24 hours within the arranged appointment or session with me, unfortunately has to be paid in full price. Many thanks for your understanding.
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