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Teachings & Trainings, Workshops & Seminars, Talks & Retreats

Dear visitors, welcome to my little paradise. Enjoy cruising, getting inspired and finding the right offer FOR YOURSELF.

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Yes! There we go- YOUR NEW VIDEO MASSAGE TRAINING COURSE is READY FOR YOU! I`m so excited. And I hope so are you..

You also want to learn how to give a good massage, `from A to Z`, either for your friends and partner but also professionally? You just never found the right offer? Then this complete course is made for you!

YOUR PERSONAL VIDEO MASSAGE TRAINING COURSE IS JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO BE ENJOYED! I was wondering how to answer all the requests of different people for a proper training course in Massage. When I thought about producing an online course I got bored about the idea of talking people through topics on a simple tiring background.

So I decided to have fun myself producing this course, only offering you beautyful nature places for the scenery`s​ background and sharing all my individual spirit and passion as well as my broad knowledge with you. See here yourself, that`s the result, FRESHLY PRODUCED IN CAPE TOWN´S NATURE.

You already know about it? Buy directly HERE (click). Or enjoy the free introduction:

[wpvideo g7yUjsAt]

You get inspired? The intro makes you wanting to enjoy learning more?

There you go, RECEIVE HERE (click) the complete course for a totally fair price of 60€ or R600, including more than 15 sessions of learning material – check why my course and what you get:

[wpvideo nozWGSVX]

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Click HERE to receive your Massage Training Course right now!

And I invite you to my real time Massage Course in Berlin, 8 Wednesdays in October and November 2019. Please contact me for further information.


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More Trainings in Berlin and the World


New Workshops for Groups, Organisations, Corporates

You are interested in a training with one of these topics? Book me for..

Positive Psychology & Communication

Mindfulness and Body Awareness

Therapeutic Movement Training

Living deep Connection (inner and outer)

Massage Training Course

Woman Circles for Selfexploration

Creative Life and Health Skills Training

Well-Fit and Holistic Health Trainings (Body-Mind-Soul)

I offer you these special formats in the field of Holistic Wellfit Prevention:

Special Personal Training: Physical Health from Inside to Outside (Body-Mind Connection; Deep Functional Training/ Getting in Shape; Increase of Life Energy)

High Intensity Deep Work Training for Groups/ Fitness Studios (super prevention effects like physio therapy; combines functional training, martial arts, dance, breath and yoga)

High Intensity Ballet Rip Training for Groups/ Fitness Studios (super prevention effects like physio therapy; combines functional training, fascia workout, dance and spiral dynamics of the body structure)

Dance Tech Training: For Dancers who want to own, understand and know movement

Powerful Body Awareness Training: For Movers who want to upgrade and improve their (daily) training success & For Speakers, Artists who are looking for more persuasive power, charisma and winning embodiment

Different Retreats, this term 19/ 20 in South Europe and South Africa



→ I have a strong ability to organise or facilitate projects for inner and outer development, life skills training, empowerment, fun and joy, trust and strength through creative techniques from the arts like dance, music, theatre, improvisation

→ Using different fields and collaborating with artists of the creative performing arts (dance, theatre, stage work, musicality and rhythm, urban performance) to create fun, artistic and at the same time therapeutic or empowering lifeskills training for all

→ Getting into creative team building processes and inner selfesteem, getting ready for life on many different, deep levels (including creative project management)

→ Finding out about your needs and skills towards a professional future- job and life

→ Within the artistic content from the performing arts I combine many bodywork elements to create a group feeling, body awareness and openness for the inner and outer process

→ For groups of kids, young adults, unpriviledged, Ngo`s, school classes, refugees..



→ You are planning a health day, you are participating on a exposition/ fair or your festival or event looks for an talk about holistic topics and life motivation? Plan me in! I am excited to share my knowledge on your stage! I am also prepared to write an article for your book or blogg.


Please contact me (click) for further information and to design the outline for your individual need.

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Check What`s on (click) for currently running offers, retreats, classes, seminars, trainings, workshops.


→ I love to teach and share my knowledge and competencies from all offers mentioned on my webside

→ I will channel my competencies into a format, which fits you or your organisation `s need, ranging from health days, retreats, team buildings, leadership coachings, exploration seminars, creative idea management seminars and so on.

→ For personal development, self exploration, team building, holistic health, inner and outer journeys, creative life shaping, improvisation and play, artistic issues plus more

→ By bringing Creativity, Partner Work, Inner and outer journeys, Coaching, Therapy plus Wellness and Holiday together

→ Specific topics could be `taking your room and place`, `finding your limitations`, authentic movement and communication`, `body rhythm meets voice (movement choirs)`, `experiencing new qualities for action and reaction`, `receiving practical knowledge for body-mind-soul`, `holistic movement + training`, `increasing creativity and idea management`, `how to lead and follow`, `social intelligence`, `life motivation`, `personal empowerment`, `contact inside and outside` + more

→ Either in form of 1-2 days workshops or as a weekly seminar, project or retreat

→ I teach, transfer, practice in groups or on an individual basis

→ For all interested target groups,  companies, organisations



  • Terms and conditions: A cancellation, which is under 24 hours within the arranged appointment or session with me, unfortunately has to be paid in full price. Many thanks for your understanding.

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