Complete Online Massage Training Course

Complete Online Massage Training Course

Complete Online Massage Training Course

You want to learn how to give a good Massage? Techniques from tip to toe, simple and effective, holistic and deep? Then my Massage Training Course (in English) is right for you.

Coming from a long years working experience as a holistic body & massage therapist, coach and trainer, I will show you in 15 sections (about 4 hours of training) the most important massage know-how, a combination of different techniques and holistic knowledge for the whole body, from start to finish.  Simple, fast and effectiv.

I will provide you with knowledge from classical wellness and deep tissue massage, therapeutic manual techniques, reflexology, thai yoga stretching massage, shiatsu techniques, fascial massage and other techniques, which flow into a simple but very effective, holistic combination massage.

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Your tutorial contains amongst others:

– Deep tissue neck back shoulder massage

– Feet and leg massage

– Hand and arm massage

– Head and face massage

– Vibrations and Stretches

– How to start and finish a massage

– How to prepare your massage table

– Quality of touch

– Easy massage anatomy

– Whole body techniques frontside and backside

– Overall combination massage

– Lots of tips and special holistic knowledge

A massage is really powerful, nurtures us from inside to outside and opposite around and has many more effects than you might imagine. A massage definetly releases toxic stress, solves painful tensions, helps with healing injuries, rebalances our mind, creates new self trust, regeneration and life force. Massage is a present for both, the one taking and giving. Applied in the right way and in lively presence a massage also have healing effects on psychis, soul, physis and mind. In combination with the knowledge of deeply effective holistic body therapies (eg like yoga, dance, martial arts and physio therapy) a massage can even expand into Body-Mind Coaching, to create new possibilities and ressources for someone`s personal entire life. You can expand the art of massage in many ways and if you like, I am greatful to continue to be your mentor and teacher.

Who am I? My name is Johanna Botzkowski, after I finished my master studies in sustainable tourism management I listened to my purpose and decided to work closely supportive with humans. So I moved into the field of healing arts and personal empowerment. Now I work since over 7 years as an holistic massage therapist and as a body & mind + life & health coach. I also support people with movement and dance therapy and I give dynamic, powerful trainings.

My concern is to lead us humans (back) into their our potential, reconnect us with our ressources and activate our powerful, healing life force. Furthermore I give trainings in nonverbal communication, dance knowledge, embodiment, creative improvisation and dance coaching. I also hold retreats and seminars to these topics in rejuvenating nature centres.

My course is made for beginners as well as for mildly advanced. The course language is English (easy to understand).

If you hesitate, please grap the phone and contact me for any further questions. I am quite sure, you make a good choice. And even better, if not, then I will return your money (valuable within 3 days after purchase)*. *Please note: If you purchase via the Corona special price, the offer to return/ money back isn`t valid.

Find the introduction on my Utube Channel your-body-knows Johanna Botzkowski and have a look insight the course: .

Gain free insights and learn your first techniques here: Click!

You want to have it? Let`s get you started! Puchase it in one klick and see you just nowon the other side😊.


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