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Holistic Life & Health Coaching


Choose from a variety of topics below which are supportive for your individual need. Let`s choose the techniques (all from above which suite you) together to design your personal outline:


Choose from a variety of topics which are supportive for your individual need. Let`s choose the techniques (all from above which suite you) together to design your personal outline:

Also have a look on my What the health 😊 Programmes for inner and outer empowerment, which are already well thought through and designed for Online via Zoom and also Offline Inhouse:

Healthy Performance Programme + 3 Step Programme into Core Success + Embodiment & Charisma Programme + Creative Lifeskills & Empowerment Programme

Receive Body-Mind-Soul- Wellbeing (holistic toolset)

Learn Resilience & Work-Life Balance

Overcome Stuck States (of any kind)

Learn Stress and Emotions- Management

Learn Positive Psychology & Clear Communication Training (authentic and non-violent communication)

Find & live Meaning and Purpose (authentic happiness)

Receive Mindfulness & Body Awareness Training

Gain Personal Growth and Development: Understand and implement Real Growth (inner and outer holistic wellbeing)

Receive consulting and conversational support in crisis (you need to speak, find back to yourself, get a frame, vision and goals and clear steps to go ahead/ move you away from pain and crisis, restore your resources)

Learn and use structure – organisation- motivation – (self) leadership (time and home office management, soft skills how to work through challenges, understanding of Zeitgeist 2020 and its context, build up a strong, sustaining business or life progress)

Learn Embodiment

Receive embodied charisma training

Receive Self realisation (the base for any growth)

Receive more energy for your daily life (nutrition and dynamic movement, integrative health from inside to outside)

Learn to Live deeper Connection and Relationships (the ground for all)

Learn Creative Life & Health Softskills (conflict, authentic self, communication, team work, connection, impro & exploration, resources)

Learn Dance and holistic, athletic, dynamic workout

Learn fascia release, energetic work and self-massage techniques

Learn holistic mindfulness training (so many tools from mind power, dance, yoga, consciousness, meditation, breath work, release techniques, focus and clarity..)

Learn self-massage techniques (anti stress and anxiety, for more energy and balance)

Use techniques of `strong back need a strong core` (transfer from yoga, dance and functional dynamic training)

Use Creativity Techniques and Therapeutic Movement Training (dance, voice, impro, healing movement)

Use Creative Coaching & Self-exploration

Use Dance and Horses as a mirror for your growth (SPECIAL ONE, I LOVE THIS, what an alive journey, contact me for your outline)

120€/ 90 Minutes, contact me for group packets or business solutions


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